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HIRZL - The Ultimate Glove Experience

HIRZL, a Swiss glove maker, features the most premium quality glove we can get.  Their absolutely unmatched tanning technology of Kangaroo leathers creates the finest layer of natural fiber between your skin and club.

Their gloves improve your grip during wet conditions by up to 600% in wet conditions. At the same time, these gloves keep your hands climatized and breathing all day for a fantastic glove experience at any day.

Many serious golfers are switching to HIRZL and stay loyal with HIRZL, because the glove immediately improves your grip, the reliability of your swing and the overall quality of your game.

HIRZL solves the issue of playing with sweaty palms in hot conditions, inferior grip during wet weather conditions, and gloves that crack and tear after just a few rounds as they last at least three times longer.


HIRZL gloves are the only gloves that withstand the rigorous trainings and games on my schedule and allow me to play a much better game. These gloves are so much better than anything else out there.

Jeff "Critter" Crittenden - Two-time World Long Drive Master’s Champion

I broke my 9th Guinness World Records: Fastest time to hit 10 balls over 300 yards at 1:22. I wouldn't use any other gloves than HIRZL Kangaroo leather gloves. They are by far the best I have ever worn.

Lynn Ray aka "Capt'n Crush" - Guiness Book World Record Holder in Long Drive - Several Categories

The gloves improve my game with their unique and extraordinary grip and feel. Plus, they last so much longer than any other glove I have ever played in. These gloves are just something you have to experience yourself and try out.

David Brinker - World Long Drive Champion - Legends

JuCad - Award Winning Golf Pushcarts

The award winning brand JuCad is the industry leader for high-end golf caddies made of either titanium, stainless steel, or carbon. JuCad offers a vast selection of travel push carts that are foldable, ultralight, manual and electric, always handmade in Germany.

Jucad’s push carts fold to the smallest size available and assembles in seconds. Despite its flexibility, JuCad push carts always remain powerful and sturdy. JuCad golf trolleys have always met the highest requirements and expectations of any professional golfer.

JuCad also offers matching travel accessories, such as scorecard holders, umbrellas, and bottle holders, that completes a phenomenal push cart experience.

Lignum Tee - The #1 Golf Tees from Europe

Lignum Tee is a premium golf tee brand from Europe with special design features to improve your game! Featuring performance improving features like anti spin flat head, an innovative ring system for consistent tee height, smart "Easy Exit" packaging, Lignum Tees are definitely going to be the tee of choice for enthusiastic golfers.

Lignum Tees are premium golf tees made with special microwood for durability, stability and flexibility. Their soft profiling is gentle on material used in turf maintenance.