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HIRZL Grippp Fit - Golf Gloves - White / Black

HIRZL Grippp Fit - Golf Gloves - White / Black

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The GRIPPP Fit is the newest addition to the HIRZL Golf Glove family. It has all the advantages of the HIRZL Grippp Technology: ultimate grip, breathability, tear strength, water repellency, form consistency, and sweat absorption. The entire palm is made of Kangaroo leather giving the full advantages of the HIRZL Grippp technology. And with its simple and stress-free sizing (S-L for Ladies; S-ML, L-XL and XL-XXL for Men), you can always get it in your size.

- Kangaroo leather palm with HIRZL GRIPPP technology
- Superior grip in wet and dry weather conditions
- Breathable, water-repellant, abrasion-resistant
- Sweat-free palm and long-lasting leather performance.
- Simple and stress-free sizing: S-L for Ladies; S-ML, L-XL and 2XL-3XL for Men.

About the HIRZL GRIPPP Technology:
HIRZL created and developed the industry-leading HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology that uses an extensive tanning procedure to help provide unparalleled levels of grip and control. The HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology delivers up to 3 times more grip in dry conditions and up to 5 times more in wet or severe weather conditions than comparable leather gloves. Furthermore, it ensures a sweat-free palm and a long-lasting leather performance. The kangaroo leather supports this tanning technology. Compared to other leathers the kangaroo fiber strands are denser and lay much flatter for superior strength. These strands hold the GRIPPP polymer and deliver the permanent “grippy” feeling to the palm.