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HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 - Golf Gloves - White / Black

HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 - Golf Gloves - White / Black


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Left or Right Hand

Grip like a pro with TRUST CONTROL 2.0 golf gloves.

The TRUST CONTROL 2.0 glove with kangaroo leather palm provides you with unparalleled levels of grip under all weather conditions. The unique and industry leading HIRZL GRIPPP technology ensures that you will have absolute control over the club so that you can focus on your game.


SUPERIOR GRIP AND CONTROL:The entire palm of the Trust Control 2.0 is made of Kangaroo leather tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPP Technology, which increases grip with exposure to moisture and offers superior and natural grip in dry conditions. This results in 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves.

The highly moisture-absorbent kangaroo leather palm ensures your hands remain sweat-free. The backhand is made of premium Cabretta leather for ultimate softness and prolonged durability. The highly breathable Airtech mesh inserts improves ventilation, and the long cuff with integrated sweatband ensures a comfortable fit.

The Trust Control 2.0 has been a top-selling glove for years and is trusted and worn by Golf Pro’s, Long Driver Champions, World Record holders, as well as amateur golfers.

Naturally thin Kangaroo leather is, by weight, the strongest leather in the world, compared to other leathers with similar thickness resulting in versatile, light and durable gloves. Kangaroo leather is also environmentally friendly, unlike synthetics. The leather is a by-product of sustainably harvested non-endangered animals under tight control on animal population by the Australian government which would otherwise end up as waste on the landfill.

Please buy left hand if you WEAR the glove on the left hand. Please by right hand if you WEAR the glove on the right hand. HIRZL golf gloves have true sizing.


PALM:Kangaroo leather / Airtech mesh

Cabretta (sheepskin leather) / Airtech mesh

Leather 80% / Nylon 15% / Other fibers 5%

Care Guide

Please do not machine wash, as the leather can be damaged. This glove can easily be hand washed in cold water only, without the addition of detergent or conditioner. Please never dry your gloves on a radiator or in direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

Hirzl Grippp Technology

The superior properties of the GRIPPP series gloves are the result of our innovative tanning technology, which HIRZL is using exclusively.

The revolutionary HIRZL GRIPPP technology is based on a secret and multistage tanning procedure, giving the kangaroo leather unparalleled values in grip during all weather conditions.

The kangaroo leather supports this tanning technology, compared to other leathers the kangaroo fiber strands are denser and lay much flatter for superior strength. Furthermore, the HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology ensures a long-lasting leather performance and a sweat-free palm during physical activity.

The result: Up to 3 x more grip in dry conditions and up to 5 x more in wet or severe weather conditions than comparable gloves.

About Hirzl

HIRZL is a Swiss company with a pure focus on and passion for developing the best gloves in the world. HIRZL uses the most advanced glove technologies to enhance performance, extend durability, protect the users, and exceed expectations in grip and lifetime; all gloves by HIRZL are designed with specific sports in mind.

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