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Lignum Classic Golf Tees

Lignum Classic Golf Tees


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#1 Tee In Europe - Recommended by over 5 Million Golfers Worldwide


INNOVATIVE FLAT, ANTI SPIN HEAD: Lignum Tees are designed with a flat head to facilitate optimal ball placement and reduce resistance. Flat head design also provides better feedback and greater distance. The innovative anti spin head design offers perfect height control.

CONSISTENT TEE HEIGHT: Lignum Tees that are 53mm and longer come with an innovative ring system which allows optimal height adjustment for consistent performance. The rings can be used to ensure exact same tee height every time you play.

FLEXIBLE, DURABLE & STURDY: Lignum's microwood construction is 50x more durable than traditional tees, offering the benefits of durability and stability so that golfers can keep using them for a long time. Lignum's construction uses the right amount of polymer fiber for flexibility that increases speed of the ball significantly compared to traditional wood or plastic tees.

Bio-based Material

Lignum Tees are made using microwood, which is a byproduct of lumber processing. The manufacturing process uses wood particles and natural adhesives, ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

Easy Exit Smart Packaging

Lignum's innovative packaging does not even need opening of the package. Easy exit lock allows removal of one tee at a time. This packaging ensures that the unused tees stay securely in place in your golf bag while also saving your hand and fingers from tee tip pricks.

About Lignum

Lignum Tees are manufactured in Europe and is recommended by over 5 Million golfers for consistent tee height for a better game. Their smooth and soft profiling ensures comfort as well as no damage to any material that is used in turf maintenance.

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