HIRZL Trust Control 2.0 - Golf Gloves - White / Black

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Do you want to be able to effortlessly maintain a firm grip in order to achieve longer shots and improve your control over the ball’s direction, leading to fewer poor shots? Our top selling glove for years and trusted by Golf Pro’s, Long Drivers and Amateurs alike is perfect for you. Our TRUST Control glove with gridlock kangaroo palm leather provides you with unparalleled levels of grip under all weather conditions. The unique and industry-leading HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology ensures that you will have absolute control over the club so that you can focus on your game.



    Palm: Kangaroo leather / airtech mesh
    Backhand: Premium Cabretta (Sheepskin leather) / airtech mesh

    Leather 80%, Nylon 15%, Other fibres 5%

    HIRZL GRIPPP™ Technology