☝️ Top Reasons To Play With Hirzl Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves

☝️ Top Reasons To Play With Hirzl Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves

Hirzl golf gloves are the brand of choice by professionals and amateurs alike. Their kangaroo leather construction makes them the most comfortable, long-wearing, performance gloves for golfers.

Why use Kangaroo Leather in gloves?

Sweat Absorption: Kangaroo Leather palms with super sweat and water absorbent offers all weather grip in hot and humid outdoor days.

Thin and lightweight: Kangaroo leather is naturally thin, so you can enjoy the gloveless feel.

Durability: Hirzl uses a special tanning process to ensure that the gloves are several times more durable than standard gloves.

Strong, Tear Resistant: Kangaroo leather gloves are very dense allowing them to put up with continuous and repeated use over several seasons.

Supple, Soft and comfortable: Another benefit of kangaroo leather is that it does not become stiff once wet, allowing your hands the flexibility and mobility.


Hirzl Trust Control 2.0 gloves have Kangaroo leather palms and Cabretta leather backhand to make use of the benefits of both. Cabretta leather offers superior moisture management, control, and fatigue prevention.


Hirzl Grippp Fit gloves use a mix of Kangaroo leather and lycra for palms and backhand.


Trust Hybrid gloves use a mix of kangaroo and synthetic leather for palm and synthetic leather for backhand.




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