👋 Sizing Matters. Things to consider before buying your next golf glove.

👋 Sizing Matters. Things to consider before buying your next golf glove.


In golf, glove sizing matters a lot. Too loose or too tight gloves will affect your swing and performance. Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind before buying golf gloves.

Snug Fit like Second Skin

Fit matters the most with golf gloves. The common term for fit is that it should feel like “second skin”, with the material comfortably going around the palm and the fingers without any extra clothing staying loose at the tip or sides.

Look the size chart for each glove

An XL for one brand and model does not mean XL will work for any brand and model. Always refer to the size chart for the particular brand and model that you are considering buying.

For the circumference: Measure around your knuckles

For the length: For Hirzl glove sizing, Measure from the top edge of your middle finger to the bottom edge of your palm. For some brands it might be the finger length. Be sure to check the guidelines

If your measurement falls between two sizes

Because golf gloves are supposed to have a snug fit, go with the smaller size in case your measurement is between two sizes on the size chart.

Cadet Sizes

Some models like Hirzl Trust Control and Trust Hybrid gloves have special Cadet Size choices, typically for those who have fingers shorter than normal. Cadet gloves also tend to have a wider palm area than normal.

Some Styles Have One Size Fits Many Sizing

Gloves like Hirzl Grippp Fit are made with sock style texture where one size fits many sizes. For instance SML covers Small, Medium, and Medium-Large, LXL covers L and XL, and XXL/XXXL covers XXL and XXXL, including cadet sizes.

Also proper glove care goes a long way! Check out our blog post with glove care guidelines and tips.


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