👊 Maximum GRIPPP


Ready to beat the golf blues with maximum grip? With Hirzl GRIPPP FIT Gloves and unique Grippp™ technology, you can now raise your game and grip like the pros!

🤔 Why choose GRIPPP FIT?

  • SUPERIOR GRIP AND CONTROL: The palm the Grippp Fit is made of Kangaroo leather tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPP Technology, w/c increases grip with exposure to moisture and offers superior and natural grip in dry conditions. This results in 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves.
  • SWEAT-FREE: The highly moisture-absorbent kangaroo leather palm, combined w/ synthetic leather patches and breathable Lycra, ensures your hands remain ventilated and sweat-free during the game. The kangaroo leather will absorb any water, stay breathable, and increase the glove's grip from any moisture to improve your game in dry or wet conditions.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: The combination of extra-thin and smooth kangaroo leather palm, stretchable and breathable Lycra, and a 360° Move wrist construction gives this glove a comfortable fit and almost glove-free experience.
  • STRONGEST LEATHER: Naturally thin Kangaroo leather is, by weight, the strongest leather in the world, compared to other leathers with similar thickness resulting in versatile, light and durable gloves. Kangaroo leather is also environmentally friendly, unlike synthetics. The leather is a by-product of sustainably harvested non-endangered animals under tight control on animal population by the Australian government which would otherwise end up as waste on the landfill.


*Please buy left hand if you WEAR the glove on the left hand. Please buy right hand if you WEAR the glove on the right hand. HIRZL golf gloves have true sizing.

Be sure to pick the correct size and hand orientation! Don’t wait around! Visit us at Zeit4Golf.com and grab yours today!



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