💸 Every Dime Counts - Tips for your next glove purchase!

💸 Every Dime Counts - Tips for your next glove purchase!

⛳ For best performance, it really matters what your golf glove is made of!

What’s your golf glove made of? Why Hirzl Golf Gloves are the best value for your money.

There are so many choices when it comes to picking your golf gloves. Here are a few important check points for you to mark off on your next glove purchase.

Leather vs Synthetic?

Benefits of Leather

Grip: Leather offers better grip than synthetic material. 

Comfort: Additionally it can be cut thin for a gloveless feel. Leather offers moisture resistance which ensures proper grip without hand slipping from the club.

Fit: Leather gloves combine desired features of breathability and grip, to ensure the players with the best value.

Benefits of synthetics

Flexibility: Synthetic material is more flexible, and allows for freer hand movement.

Durability: Synthetics also tend to last longer than leather.

Hirzl Difference - Kangaroo Leather

Hirzl’s best selling Grippp Fit, Trust Control 2.0, and Trust Hybrid golf gloves are each made with a unique material combination to offer the best features for players.

These top selling gloves all use kangaroo leather to offer the following benefits.

    • Environmentally friendly, compared to synthetics. The leather is a by-product of sustainably harvested non-endangered animals under tight control on animal population by the Australian government which would otherwise end up as waste on the landfill.
  • Optimum moisture control and tightest grip
    • Naturally thin, second-to-skin feel, making the glove super light and comfortable to wear
    • Strongest leather in the world, at the same time being thin and lightweight, for extra player comfort.

    Grippp Fit gloves feature kangaroo leather on the palm, and synthetic leather and lycra on the backhand of the glove.

    Trust Control 2.0 gloves use kangaroo leather palms. The backhand is made of cabretta leather for a softer feel as well as durability. Trust Control is 80% leather and remaining nylon and other fibers for flexibility and durability.

    Trust Hybrid gloves have kangaroo leather patches in the palm area. Trust Hybrid has a larger percentage of nylon and polyester, which helps with flexibility and durability.

    Visit Zeit4Golf.com to see all the features of these best selling golf gloves our customers rave about.


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