🏌️‍♂️ Want perfect swings? Check out what champions swear by

🏌️‍♂️ Want perfect swings? Check out what champions swear by

🏆 Learn from professionals on what keeps them on the course everyday!

Hirzl Golf Gloves: Trusted by World Champions. See what Jeff Crittenden has to say.

“Many hitters, and most amateurs,  do not have a plan for their competition round….other than swing as hard as possible,” says Jeff Crittenden (Winner, World Long Drive Championship, Masters Division 2017 & 2019.  “Having and following a plan is the secret to consistent results.”

Above words from the world champion, Jeff Crittenden says a lot about a formula that works for every round of golf.

And hear from Jeff himself about the Hirzl Gloves which will go a long way in your golf journey, “I only trust my golf swing to HIRZL Gloves. My HIRZL Glove is like a bridge between my hand and the club, allowing me to swing at full force with confidence. No matter what the conditions, rain or shine, the glove stays dry and maintains the proper grip for chasing after (400) yard drives during competition. For this Long Drive Professional, HIRZL is definitely top of the line.”

Who better than the champion to trust when making your golf purchases? Trust the pros and get yourself the best golf gloves that you deserve.

According to Jeff, “HIRZL gloves are the only gloves that withstand the rigorous trainings and games on my schedule and allow me to play a much better game. These gloves are so much better than anything else out there.”


About Hirzl

Hirzl, the leading gloves brand from Switzerland is highly specialized in the field of golf gloves, as well as bike gloves and multi sports gloves. The company invests in advanced technology and construction to ensure performance, fit, comfort, and durability, to guarantee their customers “THE ULTIMATE GLOVE EXPERIENCE”.


Enough of reading. It’s now time to test out for yourself. Visit our Hirzl catalog and check out Hirzl’s Trust Control 2.0, Trust Hybrid, and Grippp Fit gloves.


Grab yours while supplies last! 🛒💨




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