⚠️ Trust Feel - CLOSE OUT SALE!

⏳ 50% OFF - Limited Stocks

Ready to beat the golf blues and feel every swing? With Hirzl TRUST FEEL Gloves and unique Grippp™ technology, you can now raise your game and feel like a pro!

🤔 Why choose TRUST FEEL?

  • Enhance your game with the simple addition of the Hirzl Trust Feel Glove. No matter how many times a week you play this glove's extra grip gives you more power so you can watch your score go lower and lower. The special leather construction makes it breathable, durable, soft, and pliable round after round.

Grab yours while supplies last!

*Please note that these golf gloves are on CLOSE OUT because the LOGO on this batch has a tendency to fall off for no reason. The rest of the glove is in PERFECT condition and shape otherwise and plays nice.

*The regular price is $32.99, and the close out price is now $16.49 or 50% off.


Great news! We have partnered with Rumbleship to offer Net Terms to dealers.

  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
  • You can also use Rumbleship to just wire us immediately, no rates apply.

You can read all about it here.

*Please buy left hand if you WEAR the glove on the left hand. Please buy right hand if you WEAR the glove on the right hand. HIRZL golf gloves have true sizing.

Be sure to pick the correct size and hand orientation! Don’t wait around! Visit us at Zeit4Golf.com and grab yours today!


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