👉 Serious About Golfing? See What Other Fellow Golfers Have To Say About Why You Shouldn’t Miss Trying Hirzl.

At Zeit4Golf, we have repeatedly keep reviewing golf gloves, why you should wear one, and why Hirzl is the brand for Golf gloves. We’ve been regularly getting customer reviews for Hirzl gloves. We love to showcase some of those, so you get to hear firsthand from customers who have used them.

“First, the glove you sold me yesterday was the best glove I have worn probably ever. I was never a fan of wearing gloves but had to in recent years in this heat and humidity.

Great fit and really soft and flexible, my stepson commented he couldn't even tell he was wearing it and didn't take it off around the greens. Really quality product we will be ordering more.”

“I haven’t worn out the FIRST one yet, despite playing almost EVERYDAY, in Iowa’s 70+% humidity. It hasn’t stretched, ripped, or even worn, and I play 4-5 times per week. Put that in your testimonials! (I’m comfortable leaving this glove on while putting, so, MAYBE that explains the “non-worn-down” attribute, I don’t know. KEEP IT UP! YOU HAVE A GREAT GLOVE!”

“Thanks for making the best golf glove ever.  I've had the glove for over 5 years and it remains my go to glove for wet weather.  I've had to sew the end of the thumb twice and the side of the pinkie finger once, but the palm is still like new.  I love your product and it's helped me play some great rounds in foul weather.  Well done indeed!!”



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