👋 Say Bye To Sweaty Hands! Why Trust Hirzl?

👋 Say Bye To Sweaty Hands! Why Trust Hirzl?

If you have been using Hirzl Gloves, you already know how they offer the best grip and sweat control, inevitable for golfing in humid weather! If you have not yet tried out Hirzl, we urge you to read on to see for yourself how they help you stay on top of your game.


Why Trust Hirzl On Sweaty, Humid Golfing Days?

Breathable backhand design

Hirzl’s Trust Control and Trust Hybrid gloves have highly breathable airtech mesh inserts in the backhand to allow for ample airflow to control overheating and sweating of hands. They also have long cuffs with integrated sweat bands to wipe off sweat in between the game. Grippp Fit Gloves have breathable lycra backhand membrane for cooling effect.

Moisture Absorbent Kangaroo Leather

Hirzl Gloves have moisture-absorbent kangaroo leather palm to ensure your hands remain sweat-free. The kangaroo leather will absorb any water, stay breathable, and increase the glove's grip from any moisture to improve your game in dry or wet conditions.

Patented “GRIPPP” Technology

HIRZL Gloves are made with advanced, patented “GRIPPP” Technology, which increases grip with exposure to moisture and offers superior and natural grip in dry conditions. This results in 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves.

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