💪 Play Long with Strong Grip & No Rips. See why grip is important in golfing. And how Hirzl gloves improve your game

💪 Play Long with Strong Grip & No Rips. See why grip is important in golfing. And how Hirzl gloves improve your game

At Zeit4Golf, we’ve got used to a new spelling for “Grip”, because of the advanced, trademarked “Grippp” technology touted by our best selling golf glove brand Hirzl. The Swiss brand has been making its rounds through tournaments and professional circuits over the last decade, for all the right reasons.

Why is golf grip important?

  • As it should be obvious, the positioning of your hands on the club determines your control over the orientation and the ease of moving the club
  • Wear the correct size glove for proper grip as it affects your consistency and overall performance
  • Strong Grip: Ensures natural swinging, smooth release, and strong body rotation

Types of Golf Grip

  • 10-Finger Grip, where all the 10 fingers touch the grip. Also known as “neutral” grip, or “baseball grip”. A lot of players find it very natural as it is very close to how you hold a baseball bat. It is good for golfers with smaller hands, as well as for kids and beginners. Also preferred by seniors who have difficulty with other forms of gripping.
  • Overlapping Grip is the most commonly used grip among golfers, usually preferred by players with larger hands. For right handed golfers, the right pinky finger rests in the gap between left hand’s index and middle fingers.
  • Interlocking Grip is the second most common grip. For right handed golfers, the right pinky hooks around the left hand forefinger, forming a strong joint that offers natural strength. Interlock grip works great for players with small to average fingers.

Why Hirzl?

  • Now back to our top selling brand, Hirzl and their “Grippp” technology. This patented technology promises “3x the grip in dry conditions, and 5x the grip in wet and severe conditions”!
  • Hirzl offers Kangaroo leather palms, for excellent sweat and moisture control, which further helps with grip.
  • Special tanning process and constructions ensures durability, which along with the high performance benefits makes this premium brand a must try for all golfers

Visit us at Zeit4Golf.com to see the features that make Hirzl the ultimate glove of choice by professionals!

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