💯 Lignum Tees - #1 Golf Tee in Europe is now available in the USA.

Zeit4Golf is super excited to announce that Lignum Tees are now available for North American customers.

Lignum is the #1 brand in Europe for well deserving reasons, few of them being:

  • 50x More Durable
  • Bio Friendly Microwood
  • Anti spin, flat head for stability
  • Flexibility for more driving distance
  • Ring system for consistent tee height for all your games
  • Innovative “Easy Exit” packaging for organized golf bag packing and easy tee removal

Size Choices: Tees are available in five size choices.


Innovative Ring System for consistent tee height for all your games.


82mm Tees are available with boost discs that work in conjunction with the ring system to ensure the same tee height again and again for all your games!

Easy Exit Packaging

Check out the Lignum Tees at Zeit4Golf for detailed product information and try out for yourself.



Get yours while supplies last! 🛒💨



Great news! We have partnered with Rumbleship to offer Net Terms to dealers.

  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
  • You can also use Rumbleship to just wire us immediately, no rates apply.

You can read all about it here.