🏌️ Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves for ultimate Comfort & Durability

🏌️ Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves for ultimate Comfort & Durability

⛳ Check out how Kangaroo Leather Gloves can improve your game

Hirzl Golf Gloves: Why are Kangaroo Leather Gloves best for golfing?

The latest models of Hirzl Gloves tout a lot about Kangaroo Leather construction. While there have been raving reviews about these performance fit gloves, we would like to review a bit more into finding out the benefits in detail.

Thin gloves for optimum feel

Golfers are always looking for the optimum blend of comfort and protection. That is they prefer to have a thin, second-to-skin feel without compromising on other features. Kangaroo Leather construction comes to play here, by allowing the gloves to be cut thinner than Cabretta leather.

Durability and weight

Kangaroo Leather also offers higher tensile strength, which guarantees durability and strength without compromising on the lightweight preference.

Moisture Absorption

Players will enjoy the sweat-free design offered by highly moisture absorbent Kangaroo leather palm design.

All in all, Hirzl has done a great job of bringing out these positive factors into their latest model gloves - Trust Control 2.0, Grippp Fit, and Trust Hybrid.

Ultimate Grip & Comfort

In addition, their proprietary Grippp Fit technology guarantees 3x more grip in dry conditions and 5x more grip in wet conditions than standard golf gloves in the market. Hirzl gloves also incorporate breathable design making it comfortable for long days in the Sun.

About Hirzl

For Hirzl, gloves are more than a fashion accessory. Hirzl is passionate about improving gloves technologically, ergonomically, and scientifically so that athletes can focus on the game.


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