👍 High Performance Gloves For The Ethical Golfer

👍 High Performance Gloves For The Ethical Golfer


As our customers say, Hirzl gloves are durable and comfortable with the best grip. And you can read about all that in our product pages and previous blog posts. In this feature, we wanted to discuss another dimension of these gloves - Sustainability factor.


Energy & Resource Efficient Tanning Process

Hirzl relies on solar power for their production energy requirements. This brings about significant reduction in use of natural gas and CO2 release to the atmosphere. The company also focuses on recycling, reuse, waste minimisation and responsible water use policy. With their continuously improving water treatment process, at least 40% of water used in the production process can be recycled.


Natural, Sustainable & Renewable Kangaroo Leather

Hirzl uses Kangaroo leather, which is a renewable natural resource with long term sustainability. The leather is taken from kangaroos harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population. This process is strictly monitored by Australian Government Program which ensures no detrimental effect on Kangaroos or their ecosystem. This leather is a recycled byproduct of food sourced kangaroos, which would otherwise end up as waste.


In short, the company ensures that the products are made with least environmental impact, so they can be gloves of choice for ethical golfers.

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