💪 Got Iron Hands? We’ve Got It Covered! Why Customers Love Their Hirzl Golf Gloves?

💪 Got Iron Hands? We’ve Got It Covered! Why Customers Love Their Hirzl Golf Gloves?


With its advanced “Grippp” technology that offers one of the best all-weather grip in the market, super sweat absorbing kangaroo leather palms, and ultra lightweight and durable design, plus other comfort design features, Hirzl Gloves have become quite popular among customers.

Want to know more about this Swiss brand of gloves before buying one? Here are some customer reviews for our Hirzl Golf Gloves that we have received in the past couple of months.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for making the best golf glove ever. I've had the glove for over 5 years and it remains my go to glove for wet weather.  I've had to sew the end of the thumb twice and the side of the pinkie finger once, but the palm is still like new.  I love your product and it's helped me play some great rounds in foul weather.  Well done indeed!!”

“Great fit, long wearing, durable, outstanding in wet weather, great grip. Wears like iron, tough and great fit.”

“This glove lasts longer than any other glove.”

“Wore nicely. Durable, yet supple. Really stuck well during rain. It is as advertised.”

“Best golf glove you can buy. Always soft and the spandex on the fingers allows for it to stretch when your hands swell after multiple rounds a day and adult beverages.”

“It lasts forever with little deterioration. Fits well, grip great. The best golf glove I have ever used!”

I like these gloves alot. I've tried all the other big name brands and while they all rip in the palm or dry out, these actually last and stay supple.”

“These gloves are well made and perform in all weather conditions. Unmatched durability as they will last for quite a few rounds well into the summer.”

“I have played a few rounds with this glove and it has become my favorite glove. I cannot speak to it's durability at this time but the feel and grip is excellent. I have already purchased a second one.”

“Best glove I have owned to date. Shows almost no wear after a few dozen rounds. Much much more durable than any cabretta leather gloves I've had. Comfortable and breathable. Would recommend it.”

“I live in Florida so with heat and wet this Glove is the Best! Highly Recommend”

“Great glove. Comfortable feel with excellent gripping.”

“Even when it's wet out you don't lose your grip!”


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