Been looking for golf gloves that feel like second skin, with the best grip, and lasts you a long time? Hirzl gloves from Sweden are your answer.

Here are our latest reviews from happy Hirzl customers.


Golf gloves that mold to your hands

These gloves feel so good on your hand and really provide a great grip on the club. The only glove I really like, all other brands feel pretty much the same.

Durability in Humid Climate

Very comfortable to wear. I sweat a lot in south Georgia, and I can wear these through 18 holes without changing gloves. I put them back in the case after the round, and they've stood up to 7 rounds of sweaty palm golf!


These gloves last years

Other brand gloves last me a month or two. These gloves last a year or two!


Unlike any glove I have worn....effective, consistently snug, durable and reliable

I have been wearing these golf gloves for several other product is as reliable and none ever gave me confidence like these do


Pricy but worth it

It might seem expensive for a glove especially when there are so many deals and come in multiple gloves deals and etc. There is reason for that because it worn out quickly. My friend told me about this glove and how durable it is and he has it for a year already, consider he golf at least 10 rounds monthly, so that is pretty good glove I guess. Try it out and love it. Also it doesn't slip inside the glove especially when you play in hot and humid area. It stay dry and good grip. Awesome glove and will buy again.


Tacky leather

Great glove for the money. Really like the tacky feel. Seems to be holding up well.


The perfect golf glove

Really love these gloves. Very comfortable and they have great grip. They are well made and I'll order them again. Much better than the usual sporting good store gloves.


True fit, comfortable fit

Accurate sizing and not too stiff when wearing. Grips well when playing in humid conditions.



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