🥇 A Safe Hand is a Winning Hand! Tips for Taking Care of your Golf Glove

🥇 A Safe Hand is a Winning Hand! Tips for Taking Care of your Golf Glove

Buying a good golf glove is a worthy investment towards your commitment to the game and improving performance. And, by adopting a few easy to follow habits, you can preserve your glove and extend its life.

Dry and Rotate your gloves in between your game

Gloves get sweaty quickly and it is a good idea to have multiple gloves that you can rotate during the game. And in between the rotations, dry your used gloves by hanging them from the back of your pocket or outside your golf bag. This ensures that you have mostly dry gloves throughout your session.

The habit of rotation and drying helps with prolonging the life of your glove as salt from sweat is likely to break down the leather in your gloves.

Take them off when you are not swinging

Take off your gloves during breaks, or when you are drinking water, or doing other things between the game, or when there is a long break from one tee to the next.

Never use the glove in place of a towel. Always use a towel for wiping off sweat or dirt from your golf club etc.

Proper Cleaning

Clean your glove by wiping with a clean dampened cloth. Or hand wash gently using cold water, without using too much water. Wear it once to let it hold shape. Then lay it flat to dry.

DO NOT MACHINE WASH as it can stretch the material, making it wear sooner.

Air Dry Completely

Completely air dry before storing your gloves. Do not put them in high heat in a dryer, as this tends to shrink or cracks in the material. It is also not advisable to dry them in direct sunlight.

Safe Storage

Make sure your gloves are completely dry before storing. Hang or lay flat while storing. Never toss them into your golf bag, or throw them in a wad. Make sure you do not store them along with pointy objects like stationery, pen, pencil etc, to avoid risk of accidental punctures and tears.

***Bonus tip: Use older gloves for practice sessions and save the newer ones for real games.

Caring Instructions for your Hirzl Gloves

Finally we would like to highlight the caring instructions for our Hirzl Trust Control, Trust Hybrid, and Grippp Fit Gloves, which are our bestsellers at Zeit4Golf.com!

  • Please do not machine wash, as the leather can be damaged.
  • This glove can easily be hand washed in cold water only, without the addition of detergent or conditioner.
  • Please never dry your gloves on a radiator or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not tumble dry.

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