💪 #1 Golf Tees from Europe - For Consistency, Performance, & Durability

💪 #1 Golf Tees from Europe - For Consistency, Performance, & Durability


It’s quite tricky to find the perfect balance between flexibility and durability when it comes to golf tees. You want the flexibility for greater driving distance, but then you don't want the tees to break in just a few sessions.

Let’s take a quick look at how a top European brand helps with the game.

Ring System - For Consistent Tee Height & Performance Enhancement

Lignum - the #1 golf tee brand in Europe engineering an in-house ring system to keep the consistency of the game going. Lignum Tees with rings allow golfers to maintain consistent tee height for all their games and thereby significantly improve their performance.

Longer Tee Boxing and Drive

With the ring system, Lignum takes the complexity and distraction associated with the effort to maintain consistent height off from the equation. This enables players to simply focus on their game. Ability to practice with consistent heights allows golfers to improve confidence and find the sweet spot at which they get the best distance and hence performance.

Don’t compromise on durability

Lignum Tees are made of strong and durable microwood, which is a byproduct of lumber processing. They tend to last longer than standard plastic tees. Optimum combination of wood, glue and polymer helps with maintaining flexibility and durability parameters that are most important for professionals.

Lignum Tees have just been launched for the North American golfers at Zeit4Golf.com Available in a range of sizes and colors. 82mm tees are available in a pack of 10 with 2 boost discs, which work together with the ring system to ensure consistent tee height.

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*** Pro Tip: Professionals tend to prefer white tees to keep it simple and focused. They also tend to prefer wooden tees to plastic.

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