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Portable Golfing Groove and Ball Cleaning Brush (Double Sided / Brass Wire / w Clip) for Cleaning Kits

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Check out this handy double sided brass wire cleaning tool / bristle, that's easily clipped on your golf bag or cleaning kit. This comes in handy at any event to quickly clean your club grooves (and balls) when you need it most - on the pitch and on the go.

  • Stiff brass bristles for cleaning all clubs
  • Soft brass bristles to keep your clubs from being scratched
  • Key Chain to attach any of your keys
  • Thick plastic spring loaded snap to keep it safely snapped to your pants, bag, or cleaning set
  • Used for cleaning brassie, golf heads, golf ball and shoes 
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Brass bristle, high quality nylon 
  • Shipping: Please expect 10 - 21 business days to arrive