JuCad Carbon Manual Trolley - Special Deal!

JuCad Carbon Manual Trolley - Special Deal!

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This special deal includes one of each:

  • Carbon Manual Trolley, 3 wheels (JC3-X/JCARB3-X) - color options: black, white-black, silver-black, camouflage, Jucad Special, GT, Racing white, Racing grey, USA
  • Scorecard holder (JSH)
  • Umbrella (JS) - color options: black, silver, white, black-white, red, blue, green, white-green, orange, pink, rose red, beige, yellow, blue-orange, camouflage, stars&stripes, camouflage-grey
  • Carrying bag (JTT)
  • Bottle support (JFH)

The JuCad Carbon manual trolley captivates not only with its extreme lightweight but also with its elegant shimmering full carbon frame in distinctive JuCad design.

This modern trolley in noble materials glides smoothly and elegantly across the fairway. The clip-on wheels running on quadruple ball bearings ensure highest ease of use even on difficult terrain and the height adjustable handle bar guarantees an easy operation without undue strain to your back.

The JuCad Carbon is easily assembled or quickly taken apart for stowage in even the  smallest car boots. This trolley is the ideal companion on your air travels.