JuCad Carbon Drive Electric Trolley - Special Deal!

JuCad Carbon Drive Electric Trolley - Special Deal!

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This special deal includes one of each:

  • Carbon Drive electric trolley (JCD)
  • Scorecard holder (JSH)
  • Umbrella (JS) - color options: black, silver, white, black-white, red, blue, green, white-green, orange, pink, rose red, beige, yellow, blue-orange, camouflage, stars&stripes, camouflage-grey
  • Carrying bag (JTTD)
  • Bottle support (JFH)

The JuCad trolley Carbon Drive with its unique lustrous carbon surface is characterized by its user friendly technology and high quality finish.

The elegant silhouette of the full carbon frame is free from the clutter of visible cables, battery or motors, which leaves it not obvious as an electric trolley. With only 5.5 kg / 12 lb this lightweight proves to be an absolute front-runner in the electric trolley league. Yet, this model has no weight limit for the golf bag.

The stepless rotary speed control activates all movement as part of the proven JuCad technology to ensure comfortable ease of use. The powerful drive train can maintain the level of comfort even on mountainous region golf courses.

After your game the trolley can quickly be taken apart for stowage in the carry bag or in the boot of your car.