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JuCad Titan Classic - Titanium Manual Pushcart Trolley w/ Carry Bag


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JuCad Titan Classic - The Sturdy Lightweight Titanium Pushcart Trolley

More than just any trolley – this ultra-light unpowered golf trolley in high class satin finish titanium for the discerning golfer is strikingly elegant and of lasting value.

The large clip-on wheels running on quadruple ball bearings make driving this trolley especially easy. The height adjustable handle bar allows pushing or pulling that is easy on the back, keeping muscles relaxed.

The JuCad Titan trolley is easily folded down to its mini packing size and can be accommodate even in the smallest sports car boot. The flyweight even fits into the Travelcover making it the ideal companion for the air travelling golfer.

This sturdy trolley has no weight limit for the golf bag and is also suitable for the heavy bags of a Pro golfer.

    NOTE: Please note that this delivery will take approximately 1-2 weeks


    JUCAD’s 3 Wheel Push Cart is made of heavy-duty stainless steel to handle the heaviest of the golf bags. Three rugged wheels enhanced with interchangeable air-cushion tires ensure ultra-smooth riding around varying golf course terrains. The upper and lower bag supports can be folded or turned to ensure secure holding of gear during bumpy movements.

    Adjustable handlebar spares your back muscles and spine from the strain of all the pushing and pulling. The handlebar can be adjusted to the desired height, for stress-free maneuvering around the course. The trolley can be used to carry golf bags of any size or weight. Golfers can comfortably pack their favorite refreshments to perk up their long golf sessions. A convenient umbrella holder comes in handy for protection from the sun.

    JUCAD Manual Trolleys can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds, saving golfers the extra setup time before their golf sessions. The parts are engineered to fit in perfectly to form the sturdiest pushcart. Easy push-fit assembly does not require additional tools and saves you a lot of time and effort. Golfers also need not worry about battery recharging, which can be a hassle with electric trolleys.

    JUCAD’s smart trolley design is very compact once disassembled. Golfers can easily carry them around in the trunk of their car. The portable trolley weighs only 9.9 lbs, making it easy for avid golfers to shuttle these around in airplanes. The trolley comes with a travel cover for safe and convenient packing and transportation. JUCAD Edition manual trolley is spared from the added weight of the motor and other support systems that electric trolleys have.

    Modern golfers will enjoy the perfect combination of user-friendly design and premier finish. The leather handmade grip offers a comfortable hold. Handmade in Germany. Enjoy the extra peace of mind from JUCAD’s five-year guarantee.

    About JuCad

    The award winning brand JuCad is the industry leader for high-end golf caddies made of either titanium, stainless steel, or carbon. JuCad offers a vast selection of travel push carts that are foldable, ultralight, manual and electric, always handmade in Germany.

    Jucad’s push carts fold to the smallest size available and assembles in seconds. Despite its flexibility, JuCad push carts always remain powerful and sturdy. JuCad golf trolleys have always met the highest requirements and expectations of any professional golfer.

    JuCad also offers matching travel accessories, such as scorecard holders, umbrellas, and bottle holders, that completes a phenomenal push cart experience.