HIRZL Soffft Flex Golf Gloves - White - CLOSE OUT SALE

HIRZL Soffft Flex Golf Gloves - White - CLOSE OUT SALE

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HIRZL has created the ultimate Tour Player performance glove. For the world’s top players, Cabretta leather gloves are the Gold Standard. All SOFFFT gloves are handcrafted and are produced with the highest quality Platinum Cabretta leather undergoing no less than 72 separate manufacturing steps. Thanks to the revolutionary HIRZL SOFFFT™ technology – which includes an extremely complex tanning process – our gloves will always offer you long-lasting top performance and remain soft & supple. The “spandex-flex-zone” in the knuckle area of the backhand ensures additional relief due to the heavy-duty use in professional Golf.


Please note that these golf gloves are on CLOSE OUT because the LOGO on this batch has a tendency to fall off for no reason. The rest of the glove is in PERFECT shape otherwise.

The regular price is $29.99, and the close out price is now $9.99.

Thank you for understanding!