⛳ Swing Till You Win - Unleash your Effortless Power

⛳ Swing Till You Win - Unleash your Effortless Power

🏆 Award winning solution to fit in Less Work & More Golf.

Jucad Golf Pushcart Trolleys

Don’t let the unrewarding weight of your golf gear tire you from your real potential on the course. Leave it to us and focus on your game! We’ve got the best in terms of quality, price, ease of use as well as storage and ease of transport.

Award Winning Brand
JuCad is a premium, award winning brand from Germany popular for their technical innovation, design, and lifelong quality. Few months back, they received the “German Brand Award” for the third time. The award stands for distinctive products, elegant design and an outstanding brand presence.

Why Buy A Manual Golf Cart?
Manual Golf Carts are a lightweight and affordable option for casual golfers as well are professionals. Manual pushcart design is simple, without associated recharging costs of electric trolleys. They also have less maintenance compared with electric trolleys. Manual trolleys are less heavier and bulkier as well, making them a great choice for golfers.

Optimal Features - Lightweight, Price Point, Setup & Maneuverability
We offer Stainless Steel and Carbon Pushcart models with user friendly features and premier finish. JuCad pushcarts come with smooth running wheels for stress-free mobility on golf courses. They are suited for all bag sizes without any weight limit. Three wheel design offers better stability.

JuCad manual trolleys can be easily dismantled and folded to fit into a carry bag (included). This convenient packing makes it easy to carry them around in car trunks or even airplanes. Setup is very easy once you arrive at the course. Adjustable handlebars facilitate easy use by individuals of different heights.

Check out our exciting color options on the Carbon Manual Pushcart.

Are you now geared up to unleash your power on the course? Visit Zeit4Golf site and book your trolley!

Grab yours while supplies last! 🛒💨




Great news! We have partnered with Rumbleship to offer Net Terms to dealers.

  • You can get NET 30 and NET 60 as our standard terms and NET 90 upon request on orders.
  • You can also use Rumbleship to just wire us immediately, no rates apply.

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