💨 Purchasing a Golf Trolley? See Why Push Carts are a better buy compared to Pull Carts.

Purchasing a Golf Trolley? See Why Push Carts are a better buy compared to Pull Carts.

Are you considering getting yourself a golf trolley? Then congratulations, as that is a great step towards more refreshing and performance oriented golf sessions, where you get to focus on the game as such, while your trolley does the strenuous task of carrying your luggage and clubs. Preserve your energy to improve the game!

Pushcart vs Pullcart?

Main differences between the two are very obvious - you push a pushcart, and pull a pull cart. Pushcarts generally have three wheels, whereas pull carts have two.

Ease of use

In general, golfers prefer pushcarts, as pushing is easier than pulling, and is less stressful on your shoulder and core muscles, which helps with better performance on the game as such. Pulling puts more pressure on your spine, and muscle imbalances that can cause more fatigue to your shoulders, elbows, and knees.


Pushcarts with three wheels have better balance and ease of maneuverability, as they tend to follow the course more easily. With pull carts, you’ll need more force or muscle work to steer it in the proper direction. Pushcarts also take advantage of natural forward momentum of walking, making it less strenuous than pullcarts.

Considering these marginal differences, it is smarter to go with a push cart. Take a look at these JuCad push carts, an award-winning German brand, popular for its design and functional features.


Grab yours while supplies last! 🛒💨



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