😁 Life’s Good When You Are Golfing

😁 Life’s Good When You Are Golfing

While golfing was traditionally considered a classy game for professionals, the image of the game has drastically evolved in the past couple of decades. The game has become more accessible to everyone with easy access to clothing, shoes and other gear. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of golfing as an everyday sport.

Stay Fit

First and foremost, playing golf moves your body in several ways to help with your fitness goals, including improved heart and brain. Golf will make you stretch all parts of your body including legs, shoulders, neck, and back. You might hit your daily step target in as little as half the time before. Regular golfing improves muscle tone and endurance.

Happiness & Relaxation

Studies have proven that more time spent outdoors improves physical well being, mental health, weight loss, and overall happiness among other benefits. Golfing is a safer sport with minimal change of injuries. Exposure to the Sun boosts vitamin D intake for improving health and immunity. A good round of golf also helps with sleeping better at night.

Expand your social network

Golf course is a great place to meet like minded or different people to acquaint with. Calling your buddies or family for a round of golf keeps relationships active and fun.

Personality Makeover

Playing golf can be a confidence booster that might help with improving your personal image for yourself and others.

Develop business relationships

Golfing allows to casually bond with business partners, or suppliers, or customers when all the parties are in a lighter, relaxed mood.

Focus & improvement

Depending on individual preferences, golfers will be able to focus better on a goal and stay competitive for the best results. Such focus and confidence will help with overall personality development and success in other fields like work or family or self improvement.

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