⛳ Heavy Duty, Practical Manual Golf Push Carts from Jucad

✔️ Affordable & Easy to Use for Amateurs & Pros

It’s often a confusing question for beginners as well as professionals when it comes to investing in a golf trolley. Convenience, Ease of Use, Weight, Portability, and most importantly Affordability - all come to play before you can square in on a final pick.

German Company, Jucad offers a wide range of manual as well as electric carts to help out golfers. At Zeit4Golf we offer two versions of manual pushcarts from Jucad, considering several of their positive selling factors.

The Stainless Steel Jucad Edition model has a high quality, stainless steel frame and a leather handmade grip for comfortable hold. The Jucad Carbon model stands out with all usability features along with a shimmering carbon frame that sets it a class apart. The Jucad Carbon trolley also features clip on wheels on quadruple ball bearings for ease of use on all terrains.

Let’s take a look at why Jucad Trolleys are a great option for all golfers irrespective of the expertise level.

Stable & Sturdy Three Wheel Design w/ Lots of Storage

Both the Jucad Edition Stainless Steel Manual Push Cart and Jucad Carbon Manual Push Cart are three wheel carts with extreme stability and easy mobility on golf courses. The three wheel design relieves a lot of transportation stress from the golfer, leaving them more focused on their game as such. Both the models are heavy duty, durable models with practical no limit on the weight they can carry.


Stress Free Maneuvering of Golf Gear

Jucad Manual Trolleys are loaded with several usability features like strong, free running high tech wheels, and wheels with interchangeable air cushion tires. Height adjustable handlebar relieves stress on the golfer’s spine and back muscles from any strain associated with pushing and pulling. Upper and lower folder/turning bag supports add further stability.


Affordable, Practical Mobility Solution

These Jucad Manual Trolleys are worth every penny invested! They offer excellent mobility around generally flatter golf courses. You do not have extra cost for battery charging as in electric counterparts. The simple design also makes them easy to maintain without huge maintenance costs. These trolleys come with an umbrella fixing system compatible with JuCad umbrella (not included).


Lightweight, Compact & Portable

Manual trolleys are lightweight as they do not have the bulk of the weight associated with motor and other paraphernalia involved in complicated, electric trolley designs. Jucad Manual Trolleys can be easily disassembled and packed in a compact carry bag included, so you can easily transport them in your car boots or in your air travels.


Modern, Timeless Design

The Jucad Edition pushcart is designed using a sturdy, stainless frame for the modern golfer. Jucad carbon trolley in carbon fiber composite material is lightweight and stylish available in vibrant color choices for today’s golfers.


Above listed functional features, significantly lower maintenance hassles, and a highly budget-friendly pricing, makes Jucad Manual Trolleys a smart and viable option for transporting your golf gear.




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