⛳ Five Reasons To Get Yourself A Manual Golf Trolley

⛳ Five Reasons To Get Yourself A Manual Golf Trolley

👍 Forget Caddies and invest in your own trolley.

If you are one of those people who does not want a caddy hanging around with you, then investing a golf trolley gives you a lot of freedom. No more lugging around a heavy golf bag, the trolley will take over the burden, so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the game.

Here is why a manual golf trolley is a great option:

1) Reduce physical strain

As such you will be spending a lot of time in Sunny outdoors while playing the game. Carrying around a heavy golf bag can be strenuous and make you more tired and distracted from the game. Also heavy weight lifting can strain your back and shoulders, which can cause ongoing health issues. Let the golf trolley take over the weight of your luggage so you can focus on the game.

2) Healthier option than a golf cart

Carrying a trolley is a better form of cardiovascular exercise that is good for your body, compared to sitting in a golf cart.

3) Budget friendly option

Manual golf trolleys are relatively lower priced compared to electric trolleys and motorized golf carts. It is also a great long term investment than the fee paid on hiring a caddy for each of your golf sessions. No cost associated with gasoline for a golf cart, or battery charging for an electric trolley.

4) Environmental friendly

Manual trolleys are a perfect eco friendly option as they eliminate the possible pollution from gas powered golf carts or the wastage of electric power when using electric trolleys.

5) Ease of transportation and storage

Our JuCad Manual Trolleys are easy to fold and transport in the trunk of your car. Manual trolleys do not have the additional weight and maintenance associated with charging, which is required for electric trolleys. These manual trolleys are compact and can be easily stored in your garage or apartment without taking up too much space.

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Jucad’s push carts fold to the smallest size available and assemble in seconds. Despite its flexibility, JuCad push carts always remain powerful and sturdy. JuCad golf trolleys, handmade in Germany, have always met the highest requirements and expectations of any professional golfer.


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