🤔 Do Pros Really Love Their Gloves? Top Reasons Why You Should Always Wear One.

🤔 Do Pros Really Love Their Gloves? Top Reasons Why You Should Always Wear One.

While it is not a requirement to wear a glove when you play golf, you always see professionals wearing one. There are many reasons why they never swing without their gloves. For many, it is a habit to always wear one. Also golf gloves have become a fashion statement, that makes you look good on the course.

Let’s look at the top reasons why you should wear a glove every time you swing! Also see how Hirzl can help you stay on top of your game.

Ultimate Grip & Control

Playing with bare hands can cause your club to slip, especially when you are sweating. A golf glove is tackier and offers a good grip without having to struggle much. With reliable grip, players can stay in control of their shots. Hirzl Golf Gloves offer 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves.


Well designed gloves have a breathable design that makes them comfortable to wear, even on hot days. Hirzl gloves have highly breathable Airtech mesh inserts for improved ventilation, and a long cuff with integrated sweatband for a comfortable fit.

Moisture & Sweat Control

Sweaty hands during Summer and wet hands during rain can be problematic for a good grip. It is very important to keep your hands cool and dry, to focus on performance. Hirzl’s highly moisture-absorbent kangaroo leather palm ensures your hands remain sweat-free. Some gloves have the backhand made of premium Cabretta leather for ultimate softness and prolonged durability.


Hirzl uses naturally thin Kangaroo leather and is, by weight, the strongest leather in the world, compared to other leathers with similar thickness resulting in versatile, light and durable gloves.

Brand Equity

Hirzl is a top Swiss brand, trusted by professionals like Jeff Crittenden  (Winner, World Long Drive Championship, Masters Division 2017 & 2019). According to Crittenden, “I only trust my golf swing to HIRZL Gloves. My HIRZL Glove is like a bridge between my hand and the club, allowing me to swing at full force with confidence. No matter what the conditions, rain or shine, the glove stays dry and maintains the proper grip for chasing after (400) yard drives during competition. For this Long Drive Professional, HIRZL is definitely top of the line.”

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