🏆 Celebrating - JuCad - German Brand Award 2020 Winner

🏆 Celebrating - JuCad - German Brand Award 2020 Winner

⛳ Experience extraordinary design, stability, and classic elegance in your golf sessions!

Golf Trolleys from JuCad - German Brand Award 2020 Winner

Our partner brand accomplishments are always a moment of pride for us. At Zeit4Golf, we carry golf trolleys from JuCad, which are an incredible value in terms of price, design, performance, and engineering marvel.

JuCad has been in the golf business, designing unique trolleys from 1988 and has a remarkable brand success story over the years. Just recently they added a feather in their cap with the “German Brand Award” in 2020 for Excellent Brands, and Sports and Outdoor goods.

We welcome golfers in the North American market to try out the JuCad elegance by starting out with their manual trolleys.

Why Buy A JuCad Manual Trolley?

  • Get award winning brand experience
  • Suitable for any size of golf bag without any weight limit
  • Affordable, Practical & Lightweight
  • Leather, handmade grip for comfortable hold
  • Stable & Sturdy Three Wheel Design
  • Easy assembly for quick setup
  • Heavy duty, practical carry bag for strain free portability
  • Compact Packed Size makes it easy to carry on air travel as well as road trips

Choose from JuCad’s stainless steel or carbon pushcart trolley at Zeit4Golf.com

Grab yours while supplies last! 🛒💨




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